Dishwasher Supply Lines

In an effort to reduce the inventory you stock, and to simplify your customers' decision making, we have updated our dishwasher supply lines, 63160-63161-63162, to include BOTH elbow fittings (3/8 OD X 3/8 MPT and 3/8 OD X 3/4 FHT).

As a result, we have eliminated SKUs 63170-63171 and 63172.

By including both types of elbows in the package, you will now only need to stock one series.

Our standard planograms have been adjusted to reflect this change, and once you have sold out, please discontinue the old series (63170-63171-63172) from your systems and remove any identification from your shelves.

Pricing in your new price lists has already been updated to reflect these changes, and all other details remain unchanged.