Get More Bang For Your Buck! 15A USB Duplex Receptacle 2PK

Seeing as our single pack has been such a great success -  we are now offering our 15A TR Duplex Receptacle with Dual 4.0 USBs in a 2 pack format.

Features include:

  • Designed to replace standard TR receptacle.
  • Provides both USB and duplex electrical power in standard single gang opening.
  • 4.0A dual USB.
  • 2 ports for a total USB output of 4.0A.
  • Compatible but not limited to: Tablets, Mobile phones, Smartphones, Book Readers, Digital Cameras, Bluetooth Headsets, GPS and more.
  • Able to fully charge Apple products  - USB for charging purposes only and not for data transfers.

For more information click here 5618D