New Shower Head Program!

A shower head is not a very complicated product.

Despite how frequently we use them, most people don't spend much time thinking about their shower head until they need to buy a new one.

Sometimes they break, sometimes they get clogged with scale to a point where you can't clean them anymore. In other cases, you're planning on a new or remodeled bathroom.

The broadest differences in shower heads comes down to functions and aesthetics.

Customers shopping needs to be simplified for them.

The new RENOTECH Shower Program does just that!


Collection of 3 different hand showers. These are available individually, as part of kits with hoses and holders and as part of wall bar kits.

All models are 5 function, with massage and a 2.5 GPM flow rate. One of the functions is ECO mode, which reduces consumption by 50%; making these hand showers 1.25 GPM. Great way to help save water and money!

All kits come exclusively with high quality stainless steel hoses, so done are the days of the twisted PVC hoses. Also, the hand shower holders in our kits have a brass pivot for more durability.


2 Shower heads, the first is a 5 function 2.5 GPM model and the second model is an 8 function water saver 1.8 GPM with ECO mode. This reduces consumption to 0.9 GPM.

Also available are our current models.


We offer extendable shower hoses from 1.5M to 2M in high quality stainless steel as well as an assortment of accessories and replacement parts for all your needs.