Now Available! Convection Heater

Convection Heater - SKU #38030

Ready for the arrival of the winter chill, our Convection Heater is a new addition to our portable heating line-up.

Easily choose the heat you need with 2 heat settings:

-  750W to maintain a comfortable room temperature


-  1500W to warm up a cold room quickly.


The unit sits just 30.7 cm tall and has a length of 64.2 cm.


The heater comes equipped with an adjustable thermostat to regulate your desired room temperature and can be plugged into any standard 120V outlet.


With safety in mind, this heater has “overheat protection”, which will automatically shut off if an unsafe temperature is detected, as well as “tip-over protection” that will also automatically shut-off the unit if it were to accidentally tip over.


Always Remember!

Portable heaters are for temporary heat and should not be used for permanent heating purposes.


For more information, please ask your Cathelle representative

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