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  • BLACK is Back!....Once Again!

    BLACK is back in style in more ways than you might realize ..... including your Electrical needs.
  • Industry Safety Notice - Ouellet Heating Products

    Ouellet Canada Inc. is currently recalling certain models of portable and permanent heaters that were manufactured before April 2016.
  • Sluyter Cements

    Premium quality cements from Sluyter are now available!
  • LED Tower Light

    With the rapid and continued advancement in product innovation, portable LED work lights have now become the standard on any project, large or small.
  • Honeywell Leak Alarms

    Homeowners are looking for other ways of assuring the safety and well-being of their property. To meet that need, we are introducing two new models of leak alarms from Honeywell.
  • Honeywell Chimes

    We are pleased to announce the arrival of Honeywell Wireless Door Chimes.
  • New! Toilet and Drain Augers

    In our continued efforts to compliment and expand our assortment of plumbing tools and accessories, we have introduced a selection of Drain/Toilet Augers.
  • Now Available! Convection Heater

    Ready for the arrival of the winter chill, our Convection Heater is a new addition to our portable heating line-up!
  • Dishwasher Supply Lines

    In an effort to reduce the inventory you stock, we have updated 63160-61-62 to include both elbow fittings.
  • The New Vintage Filament LED

    Combine the retro look of antique incandescent lamps with the benefits of long-lasting LED technology.

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