New! Toilet and Drain Augers

In our continued efforts to compliment and expand our assortment of plumbing tools and accessories, we have introduced a selection of Drain/Toilet Augers. Satisfying the needs of professionals to homeowners, we now offer 4 unique models. All models come with a screw-shaped tip and flexible non-kink wire.

SKU: 61710

  • With a cable length of 3 feet, this toilet auger includes a large plastic, free rotating handle for ease of use, and a plastic guide to protect the toilet from scrtaches and damage.


SKU: 61713

  • For drains requiring a longer reach, this low profile unit has a cable of 15 feet with an offset steel crank handle.


SKU: 61715

  • Even more versatile, this model comes with a molded plastic housing, including a large grip handle for strength and ease of use. The cable itself has a length of 25 feet, which is tightly secured with a steel collar and thumbscrew.


SKU: 61718

  • The preferred choice of plumbers and professionals, this heavy duty unit has a large grip handle and 25 foot cable which is secured with a compression nut for ease of use. 
  • The auger can be rotated manually with a free rotating handle, or for those tougher jobs, you can attach your power drill to the built-in adapter.


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