Sluyter Cements

Premium quality cements from Sluyter are now available!

Sluyter is a Canadian manufacturer of specialty chemicals and adhesive products which are high quality and meet CSA standards. Sluyter cements also contain only the cement formula which makes for a better weld while also allowing a bit more time to adjust a fitting like an Elbow or a Tee for the perfect fit making them the perfect and preferred choice of professionals.

In addition to our current assortment of cements, we have added the Sluyter brand of cements for ABS, PVC and ABS to PVC transition cements, all in formats preferred by the professionals.

Sluyter cements are offered in larger containers than competing brands:

SLUYTER format          Other brands

125ml                                     118ml

250ml                                    236ml

500ml                                    473ml

950ml                                     946ml

4 L                                           3.78 L

Contact your local Cathelle representative for more information on these items as well as pricing and availability.